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One Habit Per Year!

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Many of us start the new year with a ‘Can Do’ attitude that slowly withers away as the months progress. We set-up goals to become healthier, happier and more fulfilled (HHF Goals), but when faced with the challenges of everyday life, those goals take a back-seat. So how can we really achieve our HHF Goals?

The trick to affect change is to choose 1 habit and persevere in its alteration. If your goal is to eat healthier meals in 2019, replace your Choco Pops with porridge, strawberries and a teaspoon of honey! If your goal is to become more active and engage in physical exercise, set a target of 30mins daily walk and track your progress. If your goal is to develop a new network of friends and acquaintances, join a society or a club. Whichever goal you have, identify the appropriate habit that helps you realise this goal in the long-run. And remember, you did not get where you are now overnight, so don’t expect the change to be immediate.

healthy meal

Last December, Dr. Nadine Sammy, associate lecturer for sport and exercise sciences at the University of Exeter, UK, advised BBC health reporter Alex Therrien to focus on improving our minds through self-awareness. The mind is responsible for all our actions whether they are consciously or sub-consciously driven. She argues that “by understanding your feelings, motivations and behaviours in more depth, you can begin to act more consciously in order to make better choices for yourself.”

Just like you need to assess the current physical condition of your body to track its development, you need to assess your current mental state to track its evolution. Physically, you will need to undergo a full health check which includes a blood test to measure the blood sugar levels, cholesterol, vitamins, minerals and hormones in addition to radiologic examinations that screen for common cancers. Mentally, you can seek consultation with an expert who can assist you in identifying your subconscious emotional triggers that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

Don’t get stuck in a rut and don’t give up. Start today by:

1) Set Your Priority Goal for 2019

2) Identify the one habit that will help you realise it

3) Examine/Measure where you currently stand in relation to this goal

4) Seek the expert help required

5) Maintain the new habit and measure progress

Happy 2019!

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