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What Is Second Opinion?

Our Second Opinion service offers patients the necessary reassurance and peace of mind that can only be offered by a Consultant Radiologist with over 35 years of experience.  By either confirming the medical diagnosis or suggesting an alternative one backed up by the necessary tests, the patient will have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of his/her diagnosis.

Who Should Seek Second Opinion?

  1. Patients who are in doubt about their medical diagnosis

  2. Patients who have undergone several rounds of medical scans and tests with inconclusive reports

  3. Patients who have been on long-term treatment without much progress (ex. physiotherapy, pain management)

  4. Patients who were recommended a life-changing treatment or therapy (ex. surgery, radiation therapy etc.)

  5. Patients who seek an independent unbiased confirmation of a particular diagnosis

  6. Patients who have been diagnosed with a very rare medical condition

Why Mega Scan?

  1. Mega Scan's Medical Director and Chief Consultant Radiologist has over 35 years of experience in general radiology and has reported on over 200,000 cases in his professional lifespan

  2. Mega Scan is an independent diagnostic centre with no business or medical affiliations to insurance companies, medical third-party-administrators, clinics, hospitals or medical groups

  3. Mega Scan provides unbiased conclusive reports free of ambiguous terminology since any necessary further examinations are conducted at the centre ONLY if needed.

  4. Mega Scan allows a face-to-face consultation with a leading physician in the UAE rather than an online video consultation or the simple e-mailed report.

How Does It Work?

Patients must call the centre to book an appointment with the Consultant Radiologist and bring along the following:

  • Medical records and full history or operative reports related to the diagnosis in question as kept by the treating doctor

  • Imaging studies, X-Ray, MRIs, CT Scans, Mammograms, Ultrasounds on CD/USB Stick

  • Nuclear scans and reports

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