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Cancer Screening: Why Must You Get Tested Now?

Cancer Screening Mandatory in Dubai

Starting The Year of Zayed (year 2018) on a high note, the Dubai Health Authority’s new cancer screening and treatment program comes into effect. The generous scheme enables ALL Dubai residents who are covered by the mandated health insurance to undergo screening and full treatment of 3 types of cancer: Breast, Colorectal and Cervical Cancer even if the costs involved exceed their insurance limit!

Indeed this noble offering reflects the UAE’s Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan’s instilled values of compassion, charitability and tolerance for all. It extends healthcare benefits to all Dubai residents regardless of their nationality, income or educational level. Dr. Haidar Al-Yousef, Director of Health Funding at DHA explained to Khaleej Times last December:

People will go through criteria-based screening. If a patient is detected to have any of the three cancers, he/she will be treated under the Basmah initiative at the Dubai Hospital or at a later stage at another recognised centre of excellence in cancer care in Dubai. The patient will receive the same level of treatment as we have ensured unified pathways for cancer care in Dubai”.

So what exactly are those three cancer types?


Possibly one of the least media-covered cancers, colorectal; also known as colon or rectal cancer, is one that is often missed! Watch the below video.


Unlike Colon Cancer, global Breast Cancer awareness championed by international organisations, foundations and governments encouraged many women to regularly undergo Breast Cancer check-ups. To understand more, watch the following video:


Whilst most cancers we do not know their exact cause, most Cervical Cancers occur because of a virus called Human Papillomavirus, HPV. There are many types of HPV and some of them do not cause any symptoms, however some lead to Cervical Cancer. Watch this video to learn more.

With the cancer screening mandate in place and the insurance funding available, there is no reason for you to delay the check-up. Call your GP or nearest diagnostic centre for an appointment.

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