Many of us start the new year with a ‘Can Do’ attitude that slowly withers away as the months progress.  We set-up goals to become healthier, happier and more fulfilled (HHF Goals), but when faced with the challenges of everyday life, those goals take a back-seat.  So how can we really achieve our HHF Goals?

The trick to affect change is to cho...

Apart from the neurochemical stimulations that improve our cognitive abilities, the Dubai Fitness Challenge is an excellent opportunity to connect with people and boost our emotional and social wellbeing. With most of us socialising with the same surrounding network day-in and day-out an element of staleness, resentment, competition or envy may be...

June 30, 2018

Any coach or person who listens to others on a regular basis will tell you that many people are struggling to hold it all together these days.  The inner struggle is hidden behind job titles and achievements, and highlights on a social media page.  Some of us are quite open about our struggles but many are hesitant to open up.  Why? Because of how...

December 18, 2017

As the year ends, it’s time that we review our past events.  From our social failings to our outstanding work achievements, we must look back and evaluate our accomplishments, our setbacks, our goals and our dreams.

Almost all of us started the year 2017 with the intention of embarking on a healthier and more active lifestyle.  We said that we will...

The 30 days Fitness Challenge finally came to an end this weekend.  What started as another ambitious enterprise by the Dubai Government has proven to be one of its most accessible initiatives that truly touched the lives of many Dubaians.

We all know about the importance of daily exercise and eating healthy.  Your GP has probably recommended it to...

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