How can you tell if your doctor is financially exploiting you and your insurance company? Here are the tell tale signs of medical insurance fraud and abuse

Apart from the neurochemical stimulations that improve our cognitive abilities, the Dubai Fitness Challenge is an excellent opportunity to connect with people and boost our emotional and social wellbeing. With most of us socialising with the same surrounding network day-in and day-out an element of staleness, resentment, competition or envy may be...

February is National Cancer Prevention Month.  But how many of us know this?

There is plenty of support for Breast Cancer Awareness in October, but little is known about the other cancers and less about their prevention methods and efficacy.  So, in the spirit of this month, let us explore together 3 of the attributed preventable causes for cancer.


The new Dubai Health Authority Scheme enables ALL Dubai residents to undergo 3 types of cancer screening and treatment in full

December 18, 2017

As the year ends, it’s time that we review our past events.  From our social failings to our outstanding work achievements, we must look back and evaluate our accomplishments, our setbacks, our goals and our dreams.

Almost all of us started the year 2017 with the intention of embarking on a healthier and more active lifestyle.  We said that we will...

The 7 key traits that patients regard as important when judging the quality of their doctor. Technical Ability is NOT one of them!

Unravel the codes printed on the UAE Health Insurance Cards and learn about the current difficulties, problems and ways to resolve them

October 30, 2016

Getting approvals from insurance companies to perform a diagnostic procedure or carry out a lab test is becoming more and more difficult.  Sometimes requests are denied to medical centres, sometimes approvals are delayed for patients and sometimes they are granted on the spot by third-party-administrators (TPAs).  

In the coming posts, Mega Scan Dub...

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